About Sober Living Houston

Sober Living Houston is a safe and successful transitional living environment for males recovering from alcoholism and chemical dependency. House rules include mandatory sobriety and 12 step meetings. Our goal is to help clients return to their families and communities as happy, sober and productive members of society. 

Also, we would like to mention that we have extensive experience dealing with synthetic drug addiction. Spice, K2, and Bathsalts is becoming an increasing problem among the younger generations, and isn’t any less serious than any other drug problem. In many cases it seems to be worse.
Our Blueprints to Recovery care plan uses rewards and consequences to increase privileges, self-esteem and accountability. Residents learn and apply real world life skills with daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, household maintenance and budgeting. In addition to completing the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, residents learn to maintain an active participation in their own recovery from addiction(s).
Our atmosphere sets up a foundation for life-long sober friendships, building a sense of community while learning to live life on life’s terms without using drugs, alcohol and other forms of instant-gratification.

Here at Sober Living Houston we are dedicated and passionate about providing caring, quality recovery at a reasonable cost. We understand that your decision to come to SLH is a financial investment as well as a commitment of time and effort. We also know that it may be one of the most important investments of your life. For this reason we offer the same services other treatment centers offer but at 75% less cost. We have a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor on staff with more than 30 years of experience. We are able to provide care for Dual Diagnosis clients as well as offering counseling sessions for clients and family members to help rebuild the bonds strained by drugs and alcohol.

What Makes Us Unique

The goal of sober living is to gain the tools necessary to go back out into the world and live a happy, healthy and sober life. At Sober Living Houston we feel that a tiered accountability structure is the most effective way to achieve this.

This tiered accountability structure is what makes Sober Living Houston unique. Every client begins in the Bauer, or “Phase One,” house. Here they have constant supervision and strict rules and regulations in accordance to their specific recovery needs upon admittance.

We then offer multiply “Phase Two” living opportunities for those that are ready to stand on their own two feet but may need some support and guidance from the SLH staff.

Accountability Percentage
Bauer House
Cambell House
Hoskins House
Spring Branch




Mike Hubacek


Mike opened the doors of Sober Living Houston over 6 years ago as a way to pursue his passion for reaching out and offering support and guidance for those who would otherwise feel lost. He strives to help others realize that there is still hope, no matter how far they have gone down the scale. As a well respected and looked up to person in the recovery community, as well as the outside world, Mike explores every possible option and reaches out to as many people as he can in order to help.

Bryan Upchurch

Operations Manager/Sober Coach

Bryan handles all day-to-day operations at Sober Living Houston. He works with clients, as well as their loved ones, to set up a recovery program tailored to each individual client’s needs. He also works as a Court Liaison advocating for clients facing legal issues.

James Martin

Sr. House Manager/Sober Coach

James was in and out of different sober houses for 13 years before finding his way to Sober Living Houston. While at Sober Living Houston, James was able to begin putting his life back together. After completing our program he decided to give back by working here at Sober Living Houston and sharing the skills he learned. He is currently working on a degree in finance from the University of Houston.

Daniel Florek

Sr. House Manager/Sober Coach

Daniel completed our program and now works at Sober Living Houston. He works with our younger clients to help them move forward in life and learn how to have fun in recovery.

Larry Thomas

Sr. House Manager

Larry is a graduate of our program at Sober Living Houston. He has shown tremendous growth since coming through our doors and now gives back by working with other men that come into our program.

Nicholas Cruz

Jr. House Manager

Nicholas works closely with clients that are court appointed to attend sober living. Having being required to live in a sober living community by the court system himself, he understands the transition process for moving from court appointed living to getting back on your own feet.





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