Culture: (noun); The beliefs, attitude, behaviors, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an organization with a focus on transmitting knowledge and practices to succeeding generations.


At Sober Living Houston, we are working to create a strong, recovery-based, culture. While it is relatively easy to provide a comfortable and safe living arrangement, it takes years of dedicated work for a culture to be born. This is what we believe allows Sober Living Houston to stand out from every other sober living home. We have created a culture that is based on long-term sobriety and integrating recovery principles into daily life.

When a new resident walks through the doors of Sober Living Houston, they are met by a group of people who carry the beliefs, attitudes, values, goals, and behaviors that represent our culture. Our current residents offer the newcomer something truly valuable: experience to learn from. Our culture wasn’t something that we scheduled or created in a meeting, it is an ever evolving aspect of our program that has been passed down from resident to resident, staff to staff, and is the one practice we are the most proud of at Sober Living Houston.